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The Artist

Dominic Pangborn

Dominic Pangborn is an internationally acclaimed artist who has been successful in corporate business for over 40 years, but FIRST and foremost he is a humanitarian with a caring heart. 

His latest endeavor, Hospitality Suites, is his response to the human need for beauty. More and more research proves that viewing art promotes healing, stability, comfort, happiness, and calm among patients, clients, staff, and professionals.

Hospitality Suites goes the extra mile.  The client will work directly with Designer and Artist, Dominic Pangborn.

Dominic oversees every step of the process, ensuring that the quality, materials, and medium are appropriate for the environment.  Most importantly he will help you select the proper art, size, framing, and placement to enhance the surroundings.  All creations come directly from Dominic Pangborn.  There is no outsourcing.

Dominic is an evolutionist. All his creations are unique and not a repeat of any style or isms.  Because of the variations of his creations, he’s often referred to as The Renaissance Man.

His works hang in Museums, Corporate offices, the White House, homes of Foreign dignitaries, hospitals and hotels to name few.

He understands the corporate world as well understanding the consumer needs. He's worked for Fortune 100 companies, health care industries, architectural firms, manufacturers and more for over 40 years.

His work is in fashion, corporate publishing and as author and illustrator of several motivational and Children’s books.

He follows through, he is a problem solver. If a challenge is put forth, he will provide a solution.

Dominic wants to put his education, experience, and talent to work for you, to help you achieve your hospitality goals.