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Art4Hospitality produces an atmosphere of comfort and wellbeing.  An important aspect of branding strategies, Art4Hospitality will convey your values to your customers in a subtle, yet powerfully effective, way.

The healing power of art has been well-proven.  Patients state that artwork makes them feel more at home and more comfortable, and some even noted that it made them feel like staff members cared more about their well-being.

Make a great first impression in your waiting room with wall art that is interesting without being overwhelming. Dominic will personally help you select art that is welcoming and appealing to your diverse clientele.

Restaurant art ties the elements together to create the desired  atmosphere for patrons.  The type of establishment you run, your target clientele, and the experience you wish to create, should determine your restaurant decor. 

The new generation of guests are social media gurus with a trained eye for good visual expression.  They are looking for art that makes their experience unique and exciting.  Dominic’s stunning, vivid pieces as well as his famous 3D Art-In-Motion will stop guests in their tracks, start conversations, and create lasting memories.  There is no better marketing strategy then word of mouth, “I saw the most exquisite piece of art on my trip.  It was at the resort/hotel.  You should stay there”

The experience of being pampered and beautified is like no other. Your clients’ yearn for a multi-sensory experience that wraps around them completely.  Whether it is vibrant, energizing, and edgy, or soft, comforting, and relaxing, Dominic will ensure you create a total immersive experience for your client’s mind, body, and spirit.
Art comes from the heart and, likewise, speaks to the heart.  It’s expression moves fluidly through the physical and spiritual plains connecting and creating wholeness within.  Dominic will help you choose art to enhance the spiritual messages you wish to convey.